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INSAR 2018 Conference Rotterdam

In May, several of the CANlab crew traveled to the Netherlands to take part in the annual International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) conference. Murray, Diana and myself attended the meeting and listened to researchers from across the world present some of their recent findings which covered a wide variety of topics (for a list presentation and poster abstracts, see here).

Of course, research was also presented from our own lab! Diana presented some recent work looking at differences in perceptions of facial masculinity and femininity between neurotypical male and female individuals with different levels of autistic traits. I presented some research which a) confirmed some previous findings that individuals with higher levels of autistic traits show a reduction in the left visual field bias seen in the average neurotypical individual, and b) demonstrated that non-invasive stimulation to the right hemisphere of the brain for high trait individuals “normalises” this attentional difference. Murray summarised several lines of research that suggest that attentional differences in autism are associated more closely with personality traits associated with the social dimension as opposed to preferences for detail and ‘sameness’. He was also invited to present a more detailed overview of this research at Utrecht University prior to the conference.

Have a look at our research page to see some of the papers these presentations were drawn from, or find links to the posters that were presented below.

Links to CANlab INSAR 2018 posters

Murray Maybery – Visuospatial Cognition and Dimensions of Autistic Traits: Reduced Lateralization of Attention and Superior Search Relate Specifically to Social Difficulties

Diana Tan – Sex-Specific Variations in Perceived Facial Masculinity/Femininity across Levels of Autistic-like Traits

Michael English – Modulating Attentional Biases of Adults with Autistic Traits Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A Pilot Study