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Dr Diana Tan receives a BrightSpark Research Collaboration Award

It was recently announced that Dr Diana Tan, a post-doc in the CANlab, has been awarded the BrightSpark Research Collaboration Award from the Raine Medical Foundation. The award is one of several provided by the foundation each year to assist early career researchers with ongoing work in the area of child health. The Research Collaboration Award will enable Diana to return to University of Cambridge in the new year to continue her collaboration with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and their research project, “Investigating biological markers of autism using longitudinal cohort studies in the UK and Australia”.


We congratulate Diana on her success and look forward to hearing the fruits of her labour in the new year! We’ll check in with her later to get a first look at the project’s findings.

Read more about Diana and her research here, or you can find her on Twitter @dianawtan22.

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