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ARC Discovery Project success!

To cap off an already successful year, Murray was successful in securing a Discovery Project grant in the most recent funding round from the Australian Research Council. The successful application was by no means a solo effort, and congratulations are extended to Murray’s project collaborators Troy Visser and Gilles Gignac at the UWA School of Psychological Science, Andrew Whitehouse at the Telethon Kids Institute, and James Enns at the University of British Colombia. I am fortunate to also be closely involved on this project, and I am excited about the things to come in the new year!

The grant will enable Murray and his collaborators to pursue the development of a new inventory measuring autistic-like traits in the general population. Whilst several psychometric measures do exist and have been used extensively in autism-related research, they arguably do not adequately reflect the changes made to the diagnostic criteria and our current general understanding of the different characteristics and traits associated with autism. To ensure that the new measure appropriately reflects the wide breadth of autistic traits, input will be directly sought from autistic individuals to help guide its development.

I’m looking forward to sharing more in the new year, so be sure to check back for updates!